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Jan 4, 2017

A non-STAR WARSy Star Wars movie that somehow ends up being more STAR and WARS than any of the previous movies, you say?  Is this a good thing?  Do we need a world in which these stories are explored, or is ROGUE ONE just an example of Gareth Edward's and Disney using the Star Wars brand to show us just another director's take on a tired war movie trope.  There are blasters.  There are lightsabers.  There is sand flying everywhere.  Join Kevin and George, the BUSY DADDIES, as we sit down and talk about ROGUE ONE:  A STAR WARS STORY.


ROGUE ONE, 2016, Dir. by Gareth Edwards

SPOILER POLICY:  We take a “fly on the wall” approach to our listeners.  As such, some of what we discuss falls into the realm of SPOILERS.  Consider yourself warned.

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