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Oct 12, 2016

"It was hard to get a word in edgewise."  -- George

We've got a theme song thanks to the musical genius of professional musician and friend of the show Tony Fernandez.  Producer Vic has apparently released his family now.  So, we're all good to go about our SOLARIS episode.  We agree on more points than we disagree, but still manage to fight about just about everything.  Come and watch our dear friendship slowly whither over a set of movies about a ghost ocean planet and some dead wives.  Go, SCI-FI!

SPOILER POLICY:  We take a “fly on the wall” approach to our listeners.  As such, some of what we discuss falls into the realm of SPOILERS.  Consider yourself warned.

BIBLIOGRAPHY (only with movies and TV as well):


Solaris, 1972, dir. by Andre Tarkovsky

Solaris, 2002, dir. by Stephen Soderberg


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