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Jul 20, 2016

"No seltzer this week.  You get water." 

--Producer Vic

After a chiding from our producer, we're back to George and Kevin in the booth as Kevin is still off fighting for the future of the Horse Crab Nebula and their ability to marry outside their caste system.  It's a noble effort.  On the show we talk about Jennifer Phang's ADVANTAGEOUS and whether or not we'd be into the deal presented.  POKEMON GO and the phenom it's becoming in our neighborhood is briefly discussed.  Also a discussion about the 90s classic FREEJACK leads Kevin into discussing a sci-fi novel by a Brazilian rock star named Yos.

SPOILER POLICY:  We take a “fly on the wall” approach to our listeners.  As such, some of what we discuss falls into the realm of SPOILERS.  Consider yourself warned.




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