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Apr 18, 2018

"That doesn't sound right.  That sounds negative."

"It sounds fecal."


How can one movie make George go from crying during the viewing to throwing a keyboard at Kevin while discussing it the next day?  How can the same movie have Kevin pontificating about the mortality of the Cyclops in the Odyssey and also begrudging Jared Leto for not looking homeless enough?  How can one movie elicit such different responses from two ENTIRELY RATIONAL (I know) people!?!  How?!?

This is the paradox of the movie MR. NOBODY.  Come and listen as the Busy Dads try and make sense out of the "unable to make sense-able".  


Mr. Nobody, dir. by Jaco Van Dormiel

We take a “fly on the wall” approach to our listeners.  As such, some of what we discuss falls into the realm of SPOILERS.  Consider yourself warned.

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Theme song by Tony Fernandez