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Aug 1, 2016

Busy Daddy George recently attended Comic Con, as he does every year.  This is a short tribute to walking through those front doors, into a haven of geekdom.  How did it used to feel?  How does it feel now?  How might it in the future?  We consistently ask here at BUSY DADDIES DO SCI-FI, "what is Sci-Fi?".  This is one fans attempt at answering a slightly deeper, more personal question.  Not the what, but the why of it all.  Why do I keep on going back to these fictional realms?  Where is it all going and how does it affect my life?  WHY does it affect my life?  Why?

At the very least, there are rather scantily clad cosplayers to look at.  I hope you enjoy the first BONUS in this tiny little corner of fandom that we call The Busy Daddies Do Sci-Fi Podcast.

Music is "Let's Start At The Beginning" by Lee Rosevere